Furniture Products

Royersford Spring Company’s quality manufacturing methods provide competitive pricing and delivery for a variety of furniture components using softwood and hardwood plywood, hardwood lumber, MDF board, and fire retardant plywood.

Coated wood products using melamine and vinyl backings are also available.

Slip Seats and Custom Hardwood Frames

Slip seats are typically made from MDF board, hardwood plywood, and hardwood. A variety of membrane suspensions can be applied to these boards including Dymetrol® and Intes Elastabelt webbing.


Dymetrol® is a high-strength woven material made from the “co-extruded” elastomer filament Hytrel™ developed by DuPont and woven together with polyester yarn. The bonding of the yarn and the filament provide a high performance, durable seating material.


Webbing is multiple strands of rubber encapsulated in polypropylene wrapping and woven together. A variety of widths and strengths offer a consistent, resilient and durable seating suspension material.