Dymetrol® Quality Seating Support System

Dymetrol® Seating Support Systems is a family of high performance suspension fabrics available in a wide range of specific deflection characteristics for most seating requirements.

Dymetrol® is designed to be the suspension system in one thin fabric installation. Dymetrol® brings new freedoms in expression for designers who can in many instances create unusual shapes that may be cost effectively manufactured. Dymetrol® with its three dimensional surfacing possibilities presents manufacturers with major comfort, manufacturing and service life gains. For customers a consistent seating feel and support without squeaks or noise is now possible in a premium system that is durable, easy to install, and cost effective.

How is Dymetrol Constructed

Dymetrol® is made of high standard elastomeric (DuPont Hitrel) monofilaments that are woven with high-quality textile yarns. The most important feature is its resilience and recovery over many years of service. The monofilaments are woven into the fabric in the fill direction with the textile yarns in the warp direction. The monofilaments and warp fibers are heat bonded at each intersection to provide excellent tear resistance, uniform monofilament spacing and resistance to raveling or fraying.

Seating Design

Considerations in furniture design with Dymetrol® foster principally on human factors and the need to create two or three-dimensional surfaces. Seating pitch, height, contour and deflection characteristics are determined by the monofilament orientation and fabric grade selection (four available) providing unique solutions to suspension performance, frame designs and upholstery techniques. By pre-attaching other upholstery components to Dymetrol® the opportunity exists to install the suspension system and upholstery simultaneously.

How Dymetrol® interacts with cushioning materials is the key to the comfort and durability of seating constructions. Proper foam firmness with the correct fabric selection provides seating with a lively feel and high comfort factor. Dymetrol® is a low-tension suspension system exhibiting a soft hand and a progressively increasing resistance that provides excellent resiliency. Quality foams combined with the use of Dymetrol® can reduce ‘compression set’ and ‘load-loss’ phenomena (characterized by loose upholstery and collapsed cushioning) by uniformly supporting and compatibly deflecting with cushioning materials.

Key Benefits for the Manufacturer

Dymetrol® permits the consolidation of multiple materials (springs, clips, wires, insulator and foundation pads) into a single item. It also allows reduction of foam required for the desired ride and contour.

Dymetrol® permits cost reduction in labor, working capital and better use of working floor space. Dymetrol® is easily adapted to automated installation.

  • Purchasing: A single support system dramatically reduces the number of purchase requisitions, purchase orders, vendor contracts, mailing supplies, purchase order acknowledgments, purchase order tracking and price change verifications found in stocking the wide variety of traditional seating materials.
  • Receiving Department: Dymetrol® reduces paperwork, fewer packing lists, receiving reports and number of deliveries. Also reduced are material handling equipment and receiving room space.
  • Warehouse: Dymetrol® significantly reduces or eliminates floor space required to store traditional materials and reduces associated paperwork, labor and equipment to sequence material to the production floor.
  • Trim-Up Department: Production floor workstation density can be increased utilizing space previously used for material storage. Productivity is increased with fewer components to assemble. Pattern cut panels allow consistent assembly of virtually any shape.
  • Design and Engineering: Prototyping seat designs using Dymetrol® allows for rapid refinement of occupant ‘packaging’ and upholstery techniques with dramatically reduced timing and costs. Multiple trim schemes can be produced that utilize the same base seat frame.

Impact on the Seating Industry

Dymetrol® provides:

  • Comfort
    • By offering four grades for different deflection rates
    • Assumes pressure profile of occupant.
    • Uniform comfort in thin sections
  • Consistent shape, resiliency, and durability.
  • Enhanced durability and performance of foam cushioning by supporting foam uniformly.
  • Seating that cannot develop noise from this suspension system contacting frame structure.
  • Dymetrol® reacts to the change in the center of gravity when the seat transitions from seating to reclining position maintaining uniform comfort.
  • Static and dynamic loads transmitted to frame uniformity.
  • Dymetrol® is unaffected by ozone, sweat, urine or most cleaning fluids.

Dymetrol® will not support bacteria, mold, mildew or fungus.

Dymetrol – A Suspension Fabric for Lumbar Systems


  • Can be unitized with an inflatable lumbar bladder, acting as a resilient seat back suspension and support for the bladder.
  • Can be attached to the seat back frame in a fixed position providing resilient support.
  • Can be attached to the seat back frame on an adjustable mechanism that increases the support range of the fabric.

Dymetrol® can be layered or variably tensioned to provide a wide range of seating support zones.