Dymetrol® Sofa Deck – Manring Method

For simple, quick installation of Dymetrol® into wedges.

Step 1

Modify side rails and stretch rails as shown in Figure 1 to accomodate the frontand rear rails.

Step 2

Attach Dymetrol® to front and rear rails – Figure 2.

Size of Dymetrol® is determined as follows:

  1. Measure distance “D” (Monofilament Length).
  2. Multiply “D” x 0.95 = width of Dymetrol®. (Allows for 5% stretch)
  3. Measure and cut width (W) to allow 1-2″ overlap on sides of wedge.

NOTE: Prior to installation, break all sharp edges where the Dymetrol® will come into contact with the frame. Use recommended staple and staple pattern. Refer to Bulletin No. 1 (H-04610)

Step 3

Place rear rail into notches in the stretch rails and fasten in place (screw or frame staples) – Figure 3.

Step 4

Stand front rail vertically in notch – Figures 3 and 4.

Step 5

Use hand tool to rotate front rail through 90o and fasten into place – Figures 5-7.

Step 6

Pull Dymetrol® snug (by hand) over sides and staple into place – Figure 8.