Dymetrol® Stapling Procedures

Recommended equipment and techniques for stapling Dymetrol®.

Recommended Equipment

Stapler – BeA 380/16-400 (or equivalent)
Staple – BeA 80/12 (or equivalent) (1/2″ x 1/2″, .036 diameter wire)

Smaller staples are being used with limited success. However, enough staples must be used to anchor the ends of the monofilaments.

Stapling in Soft Wood/End Grain

Care should be exercised when using soft woods or when stapling into an end grain as the staple has a tendency to penetrate below the surface, thus severing the monofilaments. To avoid damaging the monofilaments, the hammer should be filed down so as not to protrude below the staple guide.

Two Side v. Four Side Attachment

It is recommended that chairs, sofa decks and love seats be attached in two sides only. This provides the freedom of movement necessary for the monofilaments to function properly. Exceptions are curved sofa/wedge backs and seats where compound curves are desired.


Prior to installation, break all sharp edges where the Dymetrol® will come into contact with the frame. Use recommended staple and staple pattern. Refer to Bulletin No. 1 (H-04610)