A Breakthrough Product Now Available for Workspaces

Safely Halts the Spread of Germs (including COVID)

• Make the workplace safer to return to
• Security for office workers
• Protects and mitigates the germ level for all furniture, fixtures, office accessories and other interior equipment
• Effective for hard and soft surfaces
• Lasts up to 90 days
• Easy to apply
• Complements the disinfection/sanitizing efforts or works independently
• Tested and proven in transportation, food preparation, and hospitals

Exclusively distributed in the US and Canada by Royco, a division of the Royersford Spring Co.

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Disclaimer: ClearSpace – powered by PreventX treats a surface, we are in no way making a health claim that someone will not get Coronavirus or any illness, or that we can cure anybody from Coronavirus or any illness by treating their surroundings.

The Royersford Spring Company the authorized provider of ClearSpace powered by PreventX.